Compass EducationEmpowering the Individual Learner

Academic Tutoring

At Compass Education we empower the individual learner and believe that every student can achieve his or her potential with the proper support.  Compass Tutors work with your child to identify specific academic goals and objectives, creating an individualized plan for success. We are committed to providing the highest quality personalized instruction to improve your child’s academic performance, while also building the relationships necessary to foster increased self-confidence, motivation, and success.

Whether you need a little support to better understand a specific subject, or a more complete program to help you get through a challenging course, we are available to assist you with a personalized program that meets your needs. Our customized academic tutoring programs have proven effective in raising grades, and perhaps more importantly, in boosting self-confidence, motivation, academic engagement, and sense of mastery, a benefit that continues long into the future.


GRADES 6-12 Subject Tutoring

We offer academic tutoring in all subject areas for grades 6-12, including, but not limited to:  basic math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, and statistics, English, reading, writing, literature, history, social studies, biology, chemistry, physics, environmental sciences, Spanish, French, Arabic, & Latin.    Our tutors have also worked with elementary school students and college students.

Many students require support in more than one subject, and we are pleased to offer “General Academic Support” tutors who are able to assist your child in all of his or her academic subjects, as well as help with organizational and executive function needs.


Executive Function: Organization & Study Skills

Many students come to us seeking help developing better study skills and organizational habits to effectively approach and manage their school workload.  From back packs to folders to homework assignment books, our tutors have a wealth of experience in supporting students with organizational systems.  Whether your child needs help with organization, time management, or study skills or a more comprehensive approach taking into account executive functioning, learning differences, or ADHD challenges, we will match you with the right tutor who can provide the support and personalized program you need.  Our Executive Function specialists work with students on time management, prioritizing tasks, organizing assignments, and developing strategies for homework completion as well as preparation for exams.  All of our instructors are professionals with teaching experience and many have advanced degrees in Education and Special Education.  If your child struggles to get organized, or to “get it done”, we can help.


Special Education Support

At Compass Education, we know that each student is unique, and we believe it is our job to discover how each student learns best. Our caring instructors are accustomed to working with all types of learners and learning styles, reading and interpreting IEP’s, and implementing differentiated instruction strategies. Our individualized program of instruction starts with an assessment of the student’s particular strengths, challenges, background, goals, and learning style.   The tutoring program is then tailored to each student’s  particular needs and objectives.  Whether your child requires an specialized program, or supplementary support, our highly trained tutors with Special Education background are able to ensure success for students of all learning styles and abilities.


We Offer Tutoring In:

All Academic Subjects Kindergarten through College:

basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus

basic science, biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science

English, writing, literature, ESL

history, social studies

Spanish, French, Arabic

SSAT/ ISEE, SAT/ ACT, SAT II Subject Tests

College Applications, Private High School Admissions

Executive Function and Study Skills